Say Goodbye To The Cost Of Storing Paper Files

And Hello To Closing Cloud


 What Is Closing Cloud?

We know that storing real estate transaction records is a pain, and expensive.

Closing Cloud is a cloud-based document management solution for your physical and digital records. It’s secure, affordable and easy to use.

In fact, we even send you a pre-configured computer and scanner ready to use right out of the box

You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

How Does It Work?

It’s easier than you think

Step 1: When Your Package Arrives

We ship you a brand new, preconfigured computer and top of the line scanner that’s ready to go right out of the box

Step 2: Scan Your Files

Easily scan your paper records into Closing Cloud. New to scanning? We’ll show you how!

Step 3: Close Your Storage Unit

Save time & money and completely eliminate your storage unit costs

Want A Tour Of Closing Cloud In Action?

Benefits You Gain

Here is what you gain by using our solution

Save Money On Storage

Stop paying to store records in warehouses that are time consuming and hard to locate files

Save Printer Ink

Ink is expensive, put an end to printing copies when you can email a digital record to clients and business partners

Faster Requests

Send a copy of records to clients in only a matter of seconds with a quick, secure email message

Eliminate Record Digging

Forget digging through piles of boxes to find records when you can have the digital copy in seconds

Slash Wasted Time

Cut down on your employees time searching for records with our cloud based solution

Save Paper & Go Green

Help the environment by cutting wasted paper and using our system to easily send digital copies

Why Choose Closing Cloud?


View any record in seconds from anywhere, on any device


All files are backed up and secure


Available 24/7 without digging though boxes


Save time and manage risks


Save an average of 50% on monthly storage costs!

Let’s Streamline Your Record Storage Together

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